Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Executive Summary

Company Information

Logical Graphs LLC works with Big Data in various domains, including the stock market and exchanges, person-relation data sets, and transactional data. We analyze these data, find patterns, clusters, and relations, and present these results to our customers who then run campaigns, examine the markets (primarily for anomaly detection or non-conformance).


We use a NoSQL-approach to data collection and analysis. We have used HADOOP/HIVE and are currently focused on graph technologies, using neo4j as our graph database.

Our customers are both Government and Commercial clients that are realizing that they have Big Data, yes, but also a Huge data problem: that problem is that seeing relations and patterns in the data are hard or require experts, but seeing those patterns is vital to the execution of their mission or the effective and efficient running of their campaigns.

We, at Logical Graphs LLC, can help here. We have experience in grasping what the problems are with and in the currently existing data sets. We remodel the data in ways that speak the the problems needing to be solved at hand. We graph these data, exposing heretofore hidden relationships and then present the results that tells the story the data are trying to tell.

Using the above methodology:
  • With requirements-as-graphs, we helped our customers rein in over-budget and past-due projects, focusing in on the high-impact requirements to deliver the most bang for the buck
  • With personal-relations-as-graphs, we helped our customers target impact players, focus in on key issues, and run effective campaigns to influence policy and decisions
  • With the historical data of the markets, we have identified interesting areas of the market which lend themselves to further data analysis
  • With the Regressive Imagery Dictionary, we model the semantics and intents of documents, extracting the underlying meanings

Of course, if there's no report on the data and their findings, it's of no general use. Data analysis, if not presented or summarized well, can lead to no useful action being taken.

Report generation and synthetic data generation are our speciality.


You have data problems, not in storing and managing the data: modern databases handle that quite well for you. But what does it all mean? And how do you get it presented to your senior management so you can put it into the hands of your users so that they can be effective in their jobs?

That's where Logical Graphs LLC comes in. Let us present your data to you in ways you've never seen it before. Let us open up new opportunities for you that your data have hidden inside structures and relations waiting to be discovered.

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