Friday, April 1, 2016

Graphathon Bootcamp 1: Querying Graphs

Howdy! geophf here presenting: "Does the fox say: 'Whaaaa...?'"

Yes. Yes, indeed, the fox says 'whaaaaa...?'
ppl say I'm goat-fixated. Not true.

Thank you to:

We're just going to look at querying a graph in neo4j today

Philosophie 101: Enlightenment in three steps
1. I teach you; you don't learn
2. You do it; you start to learn
3. You teach me, foo's: oh, boy!

Data source: scrape from

And stocks for the past year for meetup attendees.
Now aren't you sorry you missed this.
Yes: yes, you are.

One way to query neo4j is by visual exploration and interaction

Next way is simple match statements:
matching nodes
matching relations

You can get sophisticated with your match queries
Check the neo4j Cypher reference card/cheat sheet

Okay, so we ran out of time here in the meetup,
but now it's a perfect time for you to explore

1. Cypher isn't SQL, if your query is more than 3 lines, relook it
2. Circular relationships will snag you if your search depth is unbound

next time: loading CSV files/spreadsheets into neo4j

The End

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