Friday, September 30, 2016

2016-09-30 Trading Top5s Analysis: BAC; CHK market correction

Market Top5s Analysis for 2016-09-30

Created snapshot of top5s graph database; shunted to google drive


Updated /Users/geophf/Documents/OneDrive/work/1HaskellADay/Seer/data/top5s.csv with 2016-09-30 data
Updating graph DaaS at


Okay, a lot of interesting activity today in the top5s. Of course, CHK bounced back. Why? My thought is that people are buying a 'bargain,' regardless of the new on the underlying company to the contrary. I'm like: 'you know you're buying into a bad deal?' but the markets don't care, do they, so nor should I.

AAPL is up after being down yesterday, for the same reason (even though, these days – and for the past 11 years – buying into AAPL is not a bad thing). DB ... I can't believe this is up so high after being dragged through the news for being held to account by the US DOJ for a USD 14 BILLION penalty? I'm not interested in that ride, although it may be a 'fun' one (certainly a rocky one). And BAC, another solid top5s-er.

let's analyze BAC
geophf:writing geophf$ analyze bac
Wrote analysis files for bac


BAC Stochastic Oscillators

Can you believe this is the first (and last) time I'm analyzing BAC this month? My! How time flies!

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