Trading Analytics

The trading analytics are a set of Haskell libraries that analyze share-price and trading data.


So, here is the Analytics.Trading library of modules:


Below are tools that use some of the above modules. We have the
  • scraper, which extracts the top 5s from google's finance page:
    • getArgs >>= scrape . head >>=
      mapM_ (putStrLn . uncurry (++) . (second smoosh)) . Map.toList
      smoosh = uncurry (++) . (comma ':' *** comma '|')
  • jsonify, which packages the results in cypher-JSON and saves to a grapheneDB
    • which is just main = getArgs >>= printJSON from Web.Upload.Cypher
  • todayis, which starts an ETL process by assigning this first day as 'Today'
    • getEnv "CYPHERDB_ACCESS" >>= \endpoint ->
      getArgs >>= void . relateToday endpoint . read . head
  • relinker, which links in the just-uploaded into the rest of the data by day
  • analyze, analyzes the specified stock against SMA, EMA and Stochastic Oscillators
  • robtDeNiro, or "You lookin' at me?" which compares the compiled stock symbols to the ones extracted from the graph DaaS and recompiles the stock symbols if new ones are found. Pretty slick.
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    1. Hi, these are great resources, what do you think about publishing them to GitHub or Hackage? Other people in the Haskell community are very interested, see here