Friday, October 7, 2016

2016-10-06 Predictions and Scoring: AA ENH SDRL CBB ALNY

Predictions and scoring 

Two days ago I predicted ENH SDRL and CBB would go down. I was wrong on two of the three yesterday: ENH (up 4%) and SDRL (up 3%) went up, and correct on CBB, which had a 3% price drop 

What if I sold CBB yesterday (on the price drop) and held ENH and SDRL until today? Do they drop?


ENH price drop

SDRL price drop

And it was good to sell CBB yesterday, as it had a price increase today:

So, is the upshot to this that I extend the prediction to over a two-day period? Or am I adjusting the window to suit my need? And their price drop did NOT offset their interim gain, so do I need to wait even further, extending the window out to three days?

Yesterday I predicted AA would go down today, but:

AA up ~2%. NO.

Continuing price increase due to momentum, or because of positive expectations? I will watch AA.

From the top5s graph, ALNY had a price drop today. What will it do tomorrow? I predict its price will rise.

Day before yesterday, I put NTNX on watch but, since the markets have opened it is too late to capture what it did yesterday. 'The one that got away.'


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