Tuesday, October 18, 2016

2016-10-17 Predictions

Predictions and Scoring 2016-10-17

Lots of interesting stuff happening in the markets today.

Let's deconstruct it.

First up is GDX, the oddball (for me), in that it popped up on volume, which is unusual. Usually I'd then predict GDX would go down, but it's not a price-high. So I'm putting GDX on watch.


Next up: MOG.B (Moog). Okay, so they exceeded expectations by having a good, not great quarter, so people bought it on that. I sense buyer's remorse.

PREDICTION: MOOG down 2016-10-18

Next: Molson (TAP.A) is up on acquisition-interest. TWTR did terribly here, but that was an entirely different proposition, but what happens when Molson is acquired? I see no clear direction for that company.

HOWEVER, good news USUALLY means a surge in price over 2-3 days, THEN a drop.

WATCH: TAP.A (in anticipation of a drop)

No scoring as there's no prior predictions to score.

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