Friday, October 7, 2016

2016-10-07 Predictions and Scoring


Today FTR was a leader in both price and volume categories. I predict it will fall on Monday, 2016-10-10*


Two days ago I predicted AA would have a price drop. It didn't yesterday, rising another 2%, but today it dropped 1%:

I predicted ALNY would rise yesterday, due to its drop yesterday. I was dead-wrong. ALNY dropped a further 5%. Not so good at predicting stocks that show up on the losers side of the price category, it seems, whereas stocks that show up on the leaders' side are more consistently likely to fall, substantially, the next day.

Yesterday SDRL dropped a little bit but not enough to warrant a short sell or put option. Today, however, SDRL dropped much further, down 5%:

ENH is waffling. Yesterday it dropped 0.22%; today it rose 0.22%. No clear determination here from my prediction.

* even though Monday, 2016-10-10 is Columbus Day, it is not a holiday: the Markets are open.

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