Friday, October 28, 2016

2016-10-27 Trading Top5s Analysis: AAPL

Markets Top5s analysis for 2016-10-27

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Updated /Users/geophf/Documents/OneDrive/work/1HaskellADay/Seer/data/top5s.csv with 2016-10-27 data
Updating graph DaaS at


You'll note in the graph above that 'prior trading day' is 2016-10-25, not because 2016-10-26 was not a trading day – it was – it was because that even though I did a report on that day's top5s, I failed to enter those top5s into the database. Human error.

This brings out an interesting pattern. Most day-to-day comparisons you see relations of stocks from the prior to the current day. Today, there being a two-day trading gap, there is very little interrelatedness.

It's the Apple (AAPL) Mac Expo, and, as in every year, the price falls on gloom and doom from the media about how yet again AAPL has ruined everything, again, every year. And year after year, AAPL's price has gone what direction? Up, up, up. Not during the Expo, it always goes down during the Expo, but after, the price, 11 years running has recovered and then added gain after gain.

My long-term analysis of AAPL is here:

let's analyze AAPL on it's down-day today
geophf:Desktop geophf$ analyze aapl
Wrote analysis files for aapl


AAPL Stochastic Oscillators

(meanwhile, a stock I pointed out earlier this month, Johnson and Johnson (JNJ) is up 1% today)

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