Thursday, October 20, 2016

2016-10-20 Predictions and Scoring

Predictions and Scoring 2016-10-20


No scores, because no prior predictions.

But of course:

GOOGL went down after inexplicably (to me) showing up on the top5s

CUZ went down again

V went down (very slightly, not in-the-money down)

NFLX went up a bit more. I think we're at the end of its run. Or, to put my opinion to it: yes, they have more subscribers, but how do they grow their business outside of recruitment of paying viewers?

The energy stocks are still up: CHK


But the metals stocks are (very slightly) down NUGT and GDX.

Metals are just weird for me. I'm removing them from the watch-list.

I'm taking TAP.A and MOG.B off the watch-list, they aren't interesting anymore to me.


So if I had a gut-feel for some of the above, I should have just made those predictions and then paid the price at the time of scoring. So let's do that now.

UP: EBAY got an unnecessary hit for doing well? I think it will go up, in correction

DOWN: AXP will go down. It went up, like V, and I predict it will go down.

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