Thursday, October 20, 2016

2016-10-19 Predictions and Scoring

Predictions and Scoring 2016-10-19


Yesterday I predicted NUGT and GDX would go down:

NUGT up 8+% NO!

GDX up 2+% NO!

On the watch-list:

CHK up 3%

CUZ, still taking a beating, down 24%!!!

OAS up another 5%

TAP.A, no change?

MOG.B still up 1+%

JNJ, that rare top5er, now down 1% (I should have called this)

NFLX up another 2.5+%, the momentum of good news (should have called this one, too)

Adding to the watch-list PG and INTC ... they were down today, why?

PREDICTIONS: none. Nothing leaps out at me, so I'm staying in a watch mode for now.


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